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My name is Katreya Somerville. I am a qualified Blue Badge Guide to London and specialised City of London guide. I help people explore and enjoy my city by guiding tours in and around London.

 It might be your first visit to London. Or perhaps you're a local who wants to discover some of the secrets and hidden depths about your city? My aim is that you should leave my tour feeling that you've learned tons of fascinating information and that you've had enormous fun doing it.


  • Walking tours in London.
  • Visits to London museums, galleries and churches.
  • Sightseeing tours of London by coach, or public transport.
  • Day trips out of London.
  • Corporate tours.
  • Tours tailored to your individual requirements.



Why take a guided tour in London?


Too much to see - and so little time You have just a few hours to enjoy London. There's no time to waste.

Maximise your time and enjoyment.

I can help you make the most of your time, by  showing you the highlights, not only of the City but of each individual site.  I can often get you fast-tracked into some of the most popular sites. 

Planning a celebration?

You're planning a get-together for some friends. Perhaps it's a birthday, or a reunion? What about organising a walking tour, for your friends, that ends at the door of a welcoming pub or restaurant? It's a great way to stimulate conversation, a feeling of social well-being, as well as work up a good thirst or appetite.

You know London - but want to explore further...


You're the social organiser of an activity group. Most members are familiar with some parts of London, but would have to explore certain areas in greater depth. Or would like a themed walking tour, relating to their interests.

Corporate tours.




You're planning a corporate event. It's a team-building exercise, or maybe you're entertaining visiting colleagues or clients. Or perhaps it's time for a company 'jolly' which is educational and fun!






Katreya Somerville